The name of textile rigging for your boat.

Everything you need to reduce friction, make your rigging more efficient, reduce stretches and embarked weight, and enable your crew to perform at their best.

Improve your boat performance with replacing all metal with textiles and choosing my rigging work on your boat rigging.

Halyards, sheets and tack lines… as well as unidirectional loops, high-strength soft padeyes, soft shackles, textile shackles, splices, and solutions for optimising and improving deck surfaces with blocks, pulleys, and fairleads (preferably without drilling the boat!)

With the guarantee of having everything on time

Gottifredi Maffioli Official Rigger

Harken Italia authorized service


Running and standing rigging for your boat.
Ropes, sheets, halyards, soft padeyes, loops, soft shackles, splices of every kind,
as well as life lines, shrouds, stays and textile backstays.

Tapered splices and halyards
with filler

Soft padeyes
loops, soft shackles , dogbones and textile shackles


Unidirectional loops

Gottifredi & Maffioli ropes
for racing and cruising

Standing rigging
(stays, lifelines, backstays) in textile


Mast maintenance and inspection

masting and unmasting and height check

Supply of fibre and metal rigging

carbon, PBP-Zylon or Dyneema / rod and spiroidal


for events and competitions

Harken official assistance and maintenance