Davide Fuzzi

My passion for rigging started at a very early age.
As a child I found it more enjoyable and interesting to rig my 470 than to race in it.

Thanks to the experience I gained as a rigger in the America’s Cup (from 2012 to 2015 with Luna Rossa,
in 2017 in Bermuda for the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup) and with high-level teams (Cannonball Mini Maxi 72, Tp 52 Phoenix-Bronenosec Platoon, Maxi racing Swan – SWS – Wally) I developed the Fuzzi Rigging method.

It is based on a careful analysis of the workload of each individual rigging. It makes it possible to choose the line and the deck rig that will guarantee tightness, smoothness and durability in order to have a boat that is always high-performance, reliable, lightweight and fast.

Often, small differences in diameter, different types of fibers and small tricks can greatly improve the efficiency of your boat.

I am an extremely fussy person with a passion for “putting the right thing in the right place”: things have to be done on the first try. Everything that comes out of my workshop must not go back.

That is why I try to empathize with the customer to understand his real needs and give him only what he exactly needs when he needs it.

I am always looking for something new. I like innovation, which is why I devote my time to developing new products and new solutions for anyone wishing to rely on Fuzzi Rigging.