I solve all your needs for boat ropes for both racing and cruising.
You can choose from halyards, sheets and ropes according to your needs.

In case of doubts, we will solve them together.

Gottifredi & Maffioli rope supply

For racing and cruising

Even the colour selection is the one you prefer with no obligation.
You are not obliged to choose from what is in stock. You have direct access to the entire Gottifredi & Maffioli catalogue.

In case you need it, custom designs can be developed together.

For cruising

choose the best solution for you:

Polyester core and cover

Recommended for cruisers and low-budgets

  • Diameters: 3-24 mm
  • Working load up to 4,000kg and strength up to 12,000kg 
  • Stretch Module: 3,2 GPa 

For boats up to 30 m long

Dyneema DSK78 core and Polyester cover

Recommended for fast cruisers to lower the rope diameter, reduce friction and stretch (up to 66% less than polyester) for greater sailing performance

  • Diameters: 3-20mm
  • Custom designs available
  • Working load up to 6,000kg and strength up to 19,000kg 
  • Stretch Module: 113 GPa

For boats ≥ 50 m

Custom diameters and load

For racing

you can choose between:

Ropes with Dyneema DSK78 core and aramid fibre blend cover

the most affordable high-performance solution, to be used for sheets, tacklines, halyards and running rigging.

  • Diameters: 3-20 mm
  • Working load up to 6,000kg and strength up to 19,000kg 
  • Custom load for special needs
  • Stretch Module: 113 GPa 

For boats ≥ 50 m

Custom designs available

Halyards and sheets with Dyneema DSK99 core and aramid fibre blend cover

The best solution for low stretch, excellent stopper hold, drastic reduction in elasticity (27% less than DSK78) and efficient abrasion protection of the line due to the winch drum and sheets with a Dyneema DSK99 core and aramid fibre blend cover

  • Diameters: 3-24 mm
  • Working load up to 13,000kg and strength up to 40,000kg 
  • Strecth Module: 155 GPa 
  • Custom designs available

Tapered Custom Rigging

Functional part with Technora or PBP-Zylon cover, DSK99 Dyneema core and Cordura-Dyneema blend tail with diameter reduction.

Faster manoeuvring and increased line smoothness in pulleys and blocks due to smaller diameters

Minimum amount of rope in the cockpit 

Weight reduction of up to 66% (a small rope absorbs less water than a big one!)

Suitable for runners tails , genoa sheets and gennaker sheets.

What’s more, the overall cost of the rigging is reduced because a larger, more valuable and expensive rope is replaced by a smaller, cheaper one

Aramid fibre covers

Improved winch hold and extended rigging life.

Depending on the winch drum, the rigging and the line load, different covers can be chosen between Kevlar-blend, Technora, PBP-Zylon or Vectra. This improves the grip on the winch and extends the life of the rigging.

Each rigging needs the most appropriate cover: the sheets, for example, can have covers with different percentages of different materials (e.g. Teflon or Vectran) to ensure greater easing fluidity

Textile standing rigging

Fuzzi soft padeyes

The glued, non-passing textile padeye with the highest workload on the market

Perfect for gluing wherever an anchorage point is needed for a fairlead, block or hank. Also on glass, methacrylate and plexiglass

  • Made with pre-preg carbon hexagonal base and baked in autoclave
  • Loop with 3 mm Dyneema DSK78 core and cover
  • Possibility of integrating aluminium ferrule
  • Transparent matt lacquered finish with UV protection.

Standard dimensions:

  • Diameter 30 mm, thickness 3,5mm, working load 90 kg and strength up to 185 kg
  • Diameter 40 mm, thickness 4,5 mm, working load 190 kg and strength up to 385 kg

The best bonding solution that does not ruin the application base is a polyurethane adhesive such as Sikaflex. Fuzzi soft padeyes can however be bonded with a structural adhesive such as Spabond, Plexus, epoxy and other types of methacrylate. These solutions are perfect for permanent use, but can make it difficult or even impossible to remove them without ruining them and damaging the substrate to which they are glued.

Fuzzi lockstrops

Built into the bullet to lock the halyard into the lock at the masthead, entirely covered with a single Dyneema cover, remaining smaller with the same fibre in the core, thus always guaranteeing the lock’s flipper closure.

Splices and tapered halyards

The aramid halyard cover that remains inside the mast when the sail is hoisted is replaced with a lighter, thinner Dyneema cover.
Rigging weight and windage reduced; boat speed improved

Faster sliding of the halyard in the pulley at the masthead; faster hoisting and lowering.

Splices and halyards with filler

Improved stopper performance

The part of the halyard working in the stopper is increased in diameter by the insertion of a special rigid rope in the core, the rest of the rigging remains subtle and light.

Steel textile splice

For halyards with the hooks of one-designs such as Melges 20, Melges 32, Farr 30…

Fuzzi loop and unidirectiona strops

In Dyneema SK 78/ SK 99 for standing rigging requiring maximum rigidity.

Very low stretch due to the use of unidirectional, parallel fibres which, unlike braid, do not stretch under load better accuracy on finished and working lengths of the rigging, smaller diameter compared to braided rigging with the same strength.

Possibility of modulating the diameter and therefore the strenght with extreme precision thanks to the use of thinner fibres.

Loops, soft shackles, dogbones and textile shackles

For attaching blocks to padeyes, sheets to clews and halyards to heads, and anywhere a steel shackle needs to be replaced.

Five to seven times lighter than the shackle they replace.

Lifeline (or jackline)

Made of ultra-stretched Dyneema DSK78, unlike webbing that flaps on deck in the wind they stay put on the deck without ruining it.

Stralli, stralletti e paterazzi

In PBP-Zylon (VZ) and Dyneema (Ultrawire 99); compared to their steel equivalent, they guarantee a weight saving of between 500% and 700%, for boats ≥ 50 m.

Dyneema DM20 lifelines

Zero-creep Dyneema (viscous-elastic elongation under tension).
Perfect for replacing the steel spiroidal and reducing the weight on board the standing rigging by up to 700%. This means that on a 40′ you have a weight of 560 g using textile against the 6 kg you have using steel.
Improved crew comfort at toe-rail.
The innovative triple braid with double coaxial core allows the rope to be spliced without increasing its diameter.

Diameters: 5 – 6 – 8 mm
Strenght: up to 4.000 kg

Mooring lines with Dyneema cover

Possibility of reinforcing the polyester cover with a Dyneema one to limit cleat wear

Textile rudder steering wires (Vectran or Dyneema)

Weight reduction up to 700% compared to steel