Harken Italia authorized service and maintenance

Maintenance of winches, coffee grinders, blocks, furlers, rails, vangs and all deck equipment from the American manufacturer that you have on board.

Maintenance of masts

Including masting and dismasting and check in with mast installed

Supply of textile and metal rigging

Rod and spiroidal

Shoreteam for events and competitions

  • To have your boat ready to race every morning during a championship
  • Check of the rig, mast and all standing and running rigging every evening as soon as you return to port.
  • Assistance at sea before and between races.
  • Only for championships, defined events or limited periods

On-board load analysis by load cell

  • To check the actual rigging loads with pulleys, blocks and ferrules;
  • For choosing the most suitable line and hardware;
  • For checking the tightness of stoppers.
  • The best tool for optimising ropes and hardware on racing boats and for replacing equipment if and when needed

Deck plan optimisation

  • Choosing the most suitable hardware and configuration to make rigging more effective
  • Also perfect for cruising boats that decide to race
  • Whenever possible I use solutions without the need to drill holes in the deck

3d printing service for custom hardware prototyping

  • Testing of prototypes in their final working configuration to avoid unpleasant surprises with the finished product already installed on the boat